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Wildlife Removal Specialist is locally owned and operated. We provide same-day service and we always stand behind our work.

As licensed, insured and bonded team of wildlife control experts we’re well versed in Texas laws regarding the removal of wildlife. For example, we understand that bats are protected by the state. When removing them, only special techniques are allowed under the law.

In addition, in the state of Texas, it’s illegal for anyone who is not licensed to trap an animal. We are licensed trappers. We can humanely remove wildlife using live traps, and then relocate them.

We’re trained to provide the most accurate and effective solution to your problem. We provide free inspections and estimates, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our procedures before beginning the job.

Not only can we remove and sanitize problem wildlife, we can recommend preventative measures such as chimney caps and dryer vent covers, to help you keep wildlife out of your home.

Our goal is to help you peacefully co-exist with wildlife in your neighborhood and community while protecting your property. Animals can cause expensive damage to your home or place of business if they get inside, whether it’s an attic, crawl space, wall, or even in pipes. They often chew through siding, insulation, wires and even water or gas lines.