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Any time wildlife finds its way into your home, garage, attic or other space, you can be sure they’ve left a mess in their wake. A professional cleaning and sterilization of the space is necessary to protect you and your family, as well as your pets.

Wildlife feces should be treated as hazardous waste, because they contain parasites and bacteria. People and pets that ingest or handle food or water contaminated with animal feces can be exposed to a number of gastrointestinal diseases, including salmonella.

The droppings of wild animals also can contain roundworm. The egg spores in the droppings, which can live for years as dry pods, are light and can become airborne, and can infect humans and pets.

Humans can also develop gastrointestinal diseases after having contact with insulation or other materials containing wildlife urine.

Determining the best options for cleaning an area where wildlife has lived can be difficult. A wildlife removal expert will be able to determine, for example, if the animal left its feces in one location, or if it is scattered across the area. The same can be true of urine. It may be concentrated in one spot, or spread all over the space.

The solid waste is easy to remove, but urine soaks into sheetrock or insulation. Not all of the solid waste or urine will be easily accessible, which makes it even more important for the area to be professionally cleaned and fogged in order to eliminate odor and potential unsanitary conditions.

Our professional wildlife removal experts don’t leave your home until the job is complete, and that includes the proper removal of animal waste, cleaning and sanitizing, and decontamination of your home, attic, garage, or other structure.

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