Wildlife Damage Repair

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Wildlife Roof, Eve, Soffit, Siding and Chimney Repair for Wildlife Infestations

Annoying squirrels and raccoons often create entry holes in roofs and attics by chewing or clawing. Our service partners repair and patch squirrel and raccoon entries.

Invading raccoons, squirrels, mice, birds and bats cause damage when they enter a home or building roofs, eaves, soffits, vents, siding, vents, fascia, gutters, roof sheathing, rafters, drip edges, flashing and chimneys. Wildlife Control Specialist repairs homes, buildings and businesses that are damaged by wildlife, animals and birds.

Repair, Restoration and Prevention Services for Wildlife Infestations

  • Repair Services for Attics Damaged by Wildlife
  • Repair Services for Roofs, Eves, Soffits, Vents and Chimneys
  • Deck, Shed, and Porch Screening and Wildlife Barrier Installation
  • Repair of Damage to Roofs, Siding, Insulation and Drywall
  • Replacement of Attic Insulation, Drywall, Wiring, Shingles, Roofing, Vents, Siding Facia Boards, Gutters, Pipes and Other Damaged Areas

Wildlife Repair Services For Homeowners and Businesses

Homeowners and businesses need to repair and correct the damaged building materials as a result of wildlife infestations. Wildlife Removal Specialist handymen repair the damage caused by invading wildlife. Many types of animals and birds can be a nuisance to businesses and homeowners. Wildlife Control Services offers commercial and residential roofing and siding repair to correct the damages caused by raccoons, birds, bats and other pests. We are experts at repairing aluminum siding and various types of metal and shingle roofs. We service Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, Nashville, New Orleans, Anaheim and San Diego areas. We solve wildlife invasion problems.


What Our Clients Say About Us

“I had a mole issue that destroyed my backyard. Once the Wildlife Control Specialists were on the scene, they were fast and efficient at an affordable price. I would highly recommend!”

Jenny R.